STR Theme for Websites

What is the STR Theme ver 0.3 beta

The STR theme is a pre-built website using Bootstrap and, optionally, WordPress. Start a new website using it, or rebuild an old one to make use of it.

The STR theme is for small to medium sized websites. It provides the basics of security and SEO. This theme is not for large, complex projects that require many plugins or third-party integrations.

The theme is free to use, and will run on a basic hosting account. There is a cost for setup, hosting, and a domain if needed. Hourly rates apply to custom design, maintenance and help with updates.

Read on for more information to decide if this is the theme for you. If so, reach out to Salem Computer Center to get started.

Design and the STR Theme

The STR theme, just out of the box, presents a plain vanilla design that is ready to go. Although the default design would work perfectly fine at displaying your information, the STR theme is extremely versatile and can be made to look like almost any popular web design.

In addition, there are also preset content layouts to choose from such as traditional single column, two column or three. The built-in navigation bar is mobile friendly and can be standard, fixed, or scrolling.

If you are using WordPress, you are free to add your own content, if you prefer, and edit it as often as you need to. If you are not using WordPress, you can provide your content and it will be added or edited for you. There is no user editing of design.

Features of the STR Theme

There are built-in features with the STR theme that are available for you to use. This, in addition to what is made available natively through Bootstrap and WordPress.

  • Contact form with error checking and spam prevention.
  • Content slider for images, movies, prepared content.
  • Social links bar and social sharing bar.
  • Several popular web fonts pre-installed.


  • Cache control to speed up page load times.
  • Responsive styles to meet all screen sizes.

Beyond these built-in features, the theme uses latest malware countermeasures and regular backups to help keep your website safe.

Limitations of the STR Theme

Some limitations are placed on projects using the STR theme, especially when used with WordPress. These, again, are with security, SEO, and simplicity in mind. Read the following summary carefully, and ask if you have specific questions.

  • No user editing of theme files, child themes, changing themes, or adding plugins.
  • New pages can be added only with admin assistance. (content is user-editable in WordPress)
  • No public registration of new users such as for WordPress comments.
  • No integrated payment processing. (services such as Paypal are suggested instead)
  • WordPress users are limited Editors and the single login is IP address whitelisted.

The STR theme is not hot-swappable with other themes, platforms, or frameworks. The theme does not include WordPress widgets or tags. It makes use of few plugins or, preferably, none. It must be installed by an admin.

Special Note

Ownership of theme files and optional database remains with the creator, Steven Thomas Rouse, and no ftp access or server-side access is granted to the user. Ownership of content remains with the user and can be made available if migrating away.

Examples of the STR Theme

Here are some websites, both WordPress and non-Wordpress, that are using the STR Theme.