Artwork, Portraits, Fan Art   by Steven Thomas Rouse

I am an artist and my artwork is for sale. I work in many mediums, both traditional and digital, and I cover almost any subject matter in my art, including portraits, wildlife, figure, and anime art. See it all in my gallery. (above samples randomly loaded)

Art for Sale

There is always artwork for sale. I sell art on Ebay and Etsy. You should follow me on Instagram to see all my latest artwork, including WIPs, sketches and studies of what will be sold next.

Newest Updated Art Projects

#226, Untitled2020-10-13 - Work-in-progress. Figure flying in sky.
#221, Cary Grant2020-08-23 - Cary Grant portrait, my second of him. Colored pencils on toned paper.
#220, Maka Albarn2020-08-10 - Maka Albarn from Soul Eater anime. Colored pencils and ink on stock.
#168, Irena2020-08-03 - Irena, colored pencils on toned paper.
#213, Violin2020-06-28 - Violin. Ink and pastel on book page.
#212, Kotori Minami2020-06-14 - Kotori Minami, one of the nine main characters in Love Live! Anime. Colored pencils on stock.
#209, Untitled2020-06-02 - Figure with happy expression jumping. Pencil drawing scanned and colored in Krita.
#210, Wooden Mannequin2020-05-26 - An artist's wooden mannequin from my desk. Pencil drawing scanned and colored in Krita.
#205, Bird Landing on Finger2020-05-05 - work-in-progress, drawing of an anime figure with a bird landing on her finger.
#203, In the Wind2020-04-20 - Figure in wind with flowing cloth. Pencil on paper.

About the Artist

I live in the USA. I have made art and portraits for families, schools, corporations, art and magazine publishers, a NASCAR team owner, an NFL team owner (letter of recommendation), and the Catholic Church. Who knows what's next.

Me presenting the Mike Weir portrait Me with Miss Ohio Me with Bishop Tobin
Left to Right above: PGA professional golfer Mike Weir portrait being presented, with Miss America contestant (Miss Ohio) and her portrait, with Bishop Tobin (his wikipedia page) of the Diocese of Providence and his portrait.