About Me and My Artwork

Here is just a little bit about me and a little bit more about my artwork.

About Me

I live in the USA. I have been an artist for a long time. I am self-taught. I have a long list of companies, publishers, and families that have been clients. Among them are a NASCAR team owner, an NFL team owner (letter of recommendation), and the Catholic Church.

Me presenting the Mike Weir portrait Me with Miss Ohio Me with Bishop Tobin
Left to Right above: PGA professional golfer Mike Weir portrait being presented, with Miss America contestant (Miss Ohio) and her portrait, with Bishop Tobin (his wikipedia page) of the Diocese of Providence and his portrait.

About My Artwork

For years my big thing was traditional art portraits from photographs. I am very good at that and I know all the tricks. It is a technical process.

I have done a lot of cartooning over the years. I created a web comic, have done political cartoons, and hand lettered pages for a comic book publisher.

Recently, I have been working with 3D software to help create references for my illustrations. I also make some of my custom 3D assets available for others to use.

I prefer pencils or oil paints, but I do much of my work in digital media by hand with a Wacom tablet.

Support My Art

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