Contact Me

Here are some ways to get in touch. Don't be shy. I don't take commissions, but I am always happy to hear from people.

I used to have my email listed on this website, but I got lots of spam (still fighting it) and had to take it down. The better way now is to use social media. Several are listed here and I update it frequently. Last updated: 12/2020.

Social Media Contact Links

Instagram - Instagram is the best place to see all of my newest art. You can also contact me there. And follow me. You really should follow me!

Facebook - So I have a FaceBook page, but it is currently inactive, hidden even. I'm honestly going to put it back up soon, so there's the link.

ArtStation - I have a few bits of artwork posted at ArtStation, but not everything. If you're a member, use their message system to contact me.

Behance - I kind of forgot I had this. It's a lot like Artstation. If you're a member, use their message system to contact me.

Twitter | Gab | Mastadon - I signed up for these and I have recently been posting art here. They are all kind of similar to each other. So, there ya go.

Blogger | Reddit | Tumblr - Forget these. I took the listings down and don't use them anymore. I refuse to delete them, though.

I have just started to share some of my 3D models online. I joined a few sites. I will post the links later.

I have joined a few of the 'support me with free money' websites. I will post the links later.

Buy Artwork Links

My Ebay - Ebay is the best place to buy traditional art from me. Portraits and fan art, mostly. And I get lots of messages from peope there. Also, follow me!

My Etsy - Not much of my art listed here, just a few things. I do get messages from people, though, so it's good for that.

For a while, I had art listed on some print-on-demand sites like Fine Art America and Society6. I don't have any up at all right now, but that could change and I will update this list.