Art Gallery

Look through my gallery of art. I tried to pick the best and I'm now adding categories. Images are clickable.

Portraits & Fan Art

I've always been good at portraits and fan art. This art is all based on photo and screenshot references.

Original Illustrations

These are my own designs and mostly figures. This section will grow. This is my favorite art. The characters here are fictional and are not representative of any real person alive or dead.

Wildlife & Representational

Here are a few other pieces of art that didn't fit the above categories.

Web Comic

I used to draw this great web comic. Here are several samples. I love these characters I created and still draw them. These are not clickable.

Old Art

Art from long ago and really long ago going back over 20 years. Sports art, celebrity model portraits, classic pinup reproductions, comic book hand lettering, and an ancient manuscript fragment recreated and painted. These are not clickable.