Charlie Sheen   #130

Celebrity portrait of Charlie Sheen, American actor and producer seen in side view. "Charlie Sheen" is a traditional drawing completed on 2019-06-14.
actor Charlie Sheen looking at a crowd
Portrait of actor Charlie Sheen drawn on toned art paper. #130
partway done artwork #130
work in progress

Charlie Sheen Details

This is the first portrait that I did on grey toned art paper. Charlie Sheen was in my list of celebs to draw and he was up next!

Artwork Details

This is a traditional art colored pencil drawing done on toned paper at 5 x 7 inches in portrait proportion. I finished it on the 14th of June in 2019 and it is number 130 in my art archive.

Art Subject Details

Charlie Sheen, or Carlos Irwin Estévez, is an American actor born on September 3, 1965. He comes from a pretty big Hollywood family with his father Martin Sheen. Charlie is well known for his role in the TV show Two and a Half Men and the movie Platoon (1986). Learn more about Charlie Sheen at these links...

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